Best in Show and More Kittens

Well, it’s been a busy but interesting few days since my last post!

Bombay & Asian Show

The Bombay & Asian show was back-to-back (sharing a hall, judges, etc.) with both the Eastern Counties and Kensington shows at the Wood Green animal shelter in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.  Since we were going to have to go to the Midlands at some point, in order to drop off the last of Ayla’s kittens and collect Donny from his ‘visiting stud duties’, we decided to combine that with doing the show.


Keeker and Julie were each entered in both the Kensington and the Bombay & Asian, and both picked up a Grand in one show and Best of Breed in both shows.



We’d also taken Lura to try for her first CC, but knowing that there was a good chance she wouldn’t get it since she has a tail fault (the whole litter had one so it’s probably environmental or an incompatibility between lines so we kept the one with the least-bad fault and will just need to try a mating and see if she throws it or not).  As expected, she didn’t get the certificate but she did seem to really enjoy herself, which is the most important thing.


Our final entrant was Lady (we knew her as Secret Tortie), who was entered only in the Bombay & Asian, in the under-six-months kitten class.  She was an absolute poppet, relaxed and comfortable in her pen and loving the cuddles when she was brought out.


Her owners (Kirsty and James Oxley, who have one of Tia’s kittens from last year – we knew her as Jill but she is now Duchess) came to visit the show in the afternoon and, though they had to leave before the end due to Kirsty having a hen party that night, we re there to see Lady being put in the Best Kitten pen!


Before they left, I warned Kirsty and James that it was very unlikely that Lady would go any further because the adult and neuter are both so much more mature.  To our immense surprise, however, she was chosen as the Overall Best in Show.  That was our first Overall Best result (our fourth Best Kitten), so particularly exciting.



After the show, we went straight to the Oxleys, to deliver Lady.  As you might imagine, they were absolutely delighted to be presented with the Best in Show rosette and prizes.  We then enjoyed a cup of tea while we watched Lady start to settle in (and meet her big cousin).  It was also lovely to see Duchess again – she’s developed just as beautifully as we hoped.




Tilly’s kittens are now two weeks old and all are growing well.  The ‘tiny’ kitten is now only 8g behind his next-smallest sibling and just over 40g behind the biggest, so he’s doing really well, and that’s without any supplementation.


Tia wanted nothing to do with Tilly and her kittens until the day before yesterday, when she suddenly decided to climb into the box with Tilly and share cuddling and cleaning duties.  Initially I was worried that Tilly’s kittens would drink from her and take the colostrum (the antibody-rich first milk), but they showed no interest at all in drinking from her, sticking to cuddling with her and drinking from their mum.



We suspected that this new interest in Tilly’s kittens indicated that Tia was getting close to her own due date, and sure enough, she began delivery this morning.  As it stands, she has three, all boys.  I think we have three different patterns: a shaded, a ticked tabby and a spotted tabby.


Other News

I had my first board meeting with the GCCF this week.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but received a very warm and welcoming reception from the other directors and actually found the meeting quite enjoyable.  In addition, we’ve spent our evenings over the past couple of weeks building a new day-run for the cats.  The primary purpose is to give the girls a bit of fresh air but we’ve built it in two parts so that it can also double as somewhere for visiting girls to get to know whichever boy they’re visiting.


It’s the Edinburgh show this weekend and although we can’t show because of being out last weekend, I’m going to be stewarding so if you’re going then I’ll see you there.

First Eyes

It looks like Tilly’s kitten 4 (the lilac girl) is going to be an early-developer, since she had half-opened one of her eyes last night.  At three days old, this is four to seven days earlier than the average.  Thankfully, I’ve had friends’ kittens open their eyes at about the same age, without any issues, otherwise I’d have been worrying that opening so soon could cause problems.


With the exception of Tiny (Tilly’s kitten 6), her lot are all well over 100g now and even Tiny is feeding well and filling out.


Tia and her brood are also fine, and I’ll try to take some pictures later.  Incidentally, in case you’re wondering about the sudden increase in update frequency, I’ve finally managed to get the WordPress app to install and connect on my phone, so updates should be more regular now.

Six sweet little bundles


This is how Tilly and the kittens looked when I first got up this morning.

Elisabeth came round last night to give me a second opinion on colours, and this is our best guesses at the moment (plus the individual portraits):

Kitten 1 was the one who was sadly still-born (she was female and a BCR chocolate or lilac of some description)

Kitten 2 is a male FEX chocolate ticked tabby or shaded


Kitten 3 is a female, either FEX chocolate or BCR brown, I think smoke but might be self


Kitten 4 is a female, I think FEX lilac self or smoke


Kitten 5 is a female, either FEX lilac silver or BCR chocolate silver


Kitten 6 is a male, known as ‘Tiny’ because he was only 65g at birth.  He looks like maybe a caramel silver


Kitten 7 is a male black smoke


As before, Tilly is proving to be a great mum and the kittens all seem well-fed and contented.


Tilly’s Kittens

Tilly’s kittens arrived overnight last night.  I’d no sooner saved my last post and gone up to check on her than she started labour.  The first kitten was, unfortunately, born dead (she was very small and looked like she’d been squashed), but there are six alive and looking well.

We have three boys and three girls, and all are different colours.  I’ll try and get on with individual photos of then later.

Tia is still nesting so keep your fingers crossed for an easy delivery for her.

I was going to post photos, but unfortunately WordPress is being rubbish again, and won’t accept them from either my phone or my PC (hence the half-baked photo attempt with the last post – out of a batch of about 25 photos, only four are actually visible!).  I’ll see if I can get the uploads to work later.

Summer 2015 Update

Wow; I have to be the worst blogger on the planet! My last update was in August last year – 10 1/2 months without an update surely has to be some kind of record?

Kitten Update:

I’ll start with the bit that most of you are probably interested in… when I last posted we had three litters in the house: Tilly’s, Tia’s and Lhasa’s, making sixteen kittens in total:

Tilly's four kittens in a row on the edge of the bed
Tilly’s four – Isla, Mischka, Horatio and Imp

Tilly’s Kitten 1 (Cagaran Impich / Imp) was an early favourite online because of his distinctive ‘cap’ of dark brown against the silver of the rest of his head. In spite of that, the right home took until between Christmas and New Year to come along, when he was over 7 months old. He went to live with the owner of Mia, one of the girls from our third Ocicat litter.

Imp - Tilly's chocolate silver shaded son
Imp on the windowledge

Tilly’s Kitten 2 (Cagaran Ìla / Isla) went over to live with Maura Lenihan (Coomakista) in Ireland, where they were desperately in need of new Asian bloodlines. She had her first litter last month: seven kittens in a range of colours and coat lengths!

Isla - Tilly's black smoke Tiffanie daughter
Isla on Richard’s legs

Tilly’s Kitten 3 (Cagaran Ifrinnach / Mischka) went to her new home in Paisley, as planned, and is still the little devil she was when she was here. At least her owners can’t say they weren’t warned.

Tilly’s Kitten 4 (Cagaran Iùmh-rud / Mini-Doop now Horatio) won the hearts of our vet and vet nurse and went up to live on their small-holding near Bathgate. He’s even more of a lump than he was back then, now being at least as big as his Dad but still oh so very like him in temperament (and facially).

Tia’s Kitten 1 (Cagaran Jonick / Nicki) now lives with the Lucky Owl cattery in northern Italy. We had a bit of a mammoth journey to get her down there, but spent a lovely couple of days sightseeing in southern Switzerland and northern Italy with her owners before visiting friends in Holland on the way home. We actually drove to Brussels via the Dover-Calais ferry, left the car in Brussels and flew down to Milan; our first experience of having a cat in the cabin!

Tia’s Kitten 2 (Cagaran Julie-Jo / Julie) stayed here with us and made Champion at the end of May. She is really cuddly but also a comedienne and often behaves like a cartoon. In fact, one of her nicknames is Simon’s Cat, because she’s so like the little cartoon.

Tia’s Kitten 3 (Cagaran Jimmy / Jimmy now Oleg) went to live with Sarah Davidson (Karakoram) as a stud boy, as planned. She’s going to do a few matings this year taking advantage of his spots to hopefully get some spotted kittens, and then he will probably be neutered.

Tia’s Kitten 4 (Cagaran Jinking-Jillet / Jill now Duchess) turned out to be a ticked tabby rather than a shaded and went to live with a lovely couple in Daventry who will hopefully be having a litter from her this year. They have bred British Shorthairs and have a Tiffanie neuter, so her kittens will be their first Asians, though not their first kittens.

Tia’s Kitten 7 (Cagaran Jimp-n-Joco / Jock) went to live with Mischka and her owners. Unfortunately, he contracted an infection a couple of months ago, and after fighting it for a few weeks, eventually had to be put to sleep. His owners are absolutely devastated and Mischka spent the first couple of weeks pining for him. This is particularly rough given that Jock fought so hard for life in the first place, being the only one of Tia’s three ‘tinies’ to survive. Perhaps his system never had developed fully, leaving him susceptible to infection; we’ll never know.

Lhasa’s Kitten 1 (Cagaran Kittling-o-Hinnie / Honey) accompanied Isla to Ireland, though she lives with a different breeder (Geralyn Bowles). We also took Eiteag over to live with Ger for the time-being, again to help boost the Irish blood-lines.

Lhasa’s Kitten 2 (Cagaran Kelpie / Kelpie) and
Lhasa’s Kitten 6 (Cagaran Killiemahou / Killie) live together with a lovely family just outside Bristol. These two were close as kittens and are still very close now that they’re adults. We dropped them off on our way to Dover to take Nicki to Switzerland.

Lhasa’s Kitten 3 (Cagaran Karriwhitchit / Widget now Oliver) now lives in Leamington Spa with a lovely couple whose grandkids dote on him. We went back to visit in February and it was obvious that he has his ‘parents’ very firmly wrapped around his little paw.

Lhasa’s Kitten 4 (Cagaran Keekers) stayed here with us and will hopefully undertake his first ‘stud duties’ later this year. We decided to re-register him as a shaded because his pattern is so light that it’s barely visible. He made Champion at the end of May and then picked up a Grand last month, in his first attempt in the class.

Lhasa’s Kitten 5 (Cagaran Kievie) was booked to go and live with the people who eventually had Nicki from us but when she was weaning she ate something (perhaps some litter) that clogged her gut and took her from us. I have photos of her taken late one evening, where she’s flying around, playing happily, but she was very lethargic when we got up the next morning so we rushed her to the vet who operated but lost her while she was under anaesthetic. Of course it was sod’s law that she was the only kitten in the litter who was booked at that point, so not only did we have to deal with our own sadness at losing her, but also the sadness of the people who were meant to have been her owners.

Kievie on the bed
One of the photos of Kievie taken on the evening before she died

Lhasa’s Kitten 7 (Cagaran Kenspeckle / Finley) lives with the lovely young vet who was originally going to have B-B from us, right back in 2010. She’d had various changes of circumstances in the meantime, but was finally settled down and ready to have her kitten so she and her boyfriend came up to stay with us for a weekend (sleeping in the kitten room with 12 kittens!) and chose Finley, who now lives with a teenage Tiffanie neuter, a British shorthair, two moggies and two house-rabbits.

At the end of the summer we took Small down to Helen Marriott-Power, for a visit with her cream Burmese boy, Quin (I GR CH Mainman Quintessence). Small delivered us five cream shaded kittens in October; our first litter of all-the-same-colour Asians, which was a slightly weird experience! We’ve kept back Lura (Cagaran Lurach) to bring the Burmese outcross genes into our lines and the other kittens have gone to pet homes: two to different homes in the Glasgow area, one to Edinburgh and the last to live with Finley’s owner’s mum in Wales (she’d fallen in love with Finley but wanted a shorthair so Elysé put her in touch with us).

We held off putting anyone else in kitten until all of Tilly, Tia and Lhasa’s kittens had found homes, but once Imp left us in December, we mated Ayla to Donny.  Since she’s petite and only had two kittens last time, we were expecting the same again, but she actually gave us a litter of five.  Unfortunately the smallest of these was far too small and never breathed, even with half an hour of resuscitation attempts.

The others were two brown tortie silver shaded Tiffanie girls (one a harlequin-style tortie like Donny’s litter-sister, Quinn, and the other a more subtle tortie typical of our Dàrna-descendants), a brown silver ticked tabby Asian girl and an apricot silver shaded Burmilla boy.  Three of the kittens started out very small but soon caught up to, and surpassed, their larger sibling, and, like the two in her last litter, all four are a normal size for their age, in spite of their mother’s diminutive proportions.

Having had Horatio from us last year, our vet and vet nurse had decided that they wanted a second Asian and since these kittens were Horatio’s half-siblings (he was also out of Donny), they got first pick of this litter and chose one of the Tiffanie girls, who they’ve called Aurora.  The two shorthairs have gone to live together near Berwick; we dropped them off on Saturday and they were already racing around, completely uninterested in us, by the time we left.  The other Tiffanie girl is going to join Duchess in Daventry and will hopefully have kittens of her own in a year or so.

Kitten News

We put Tilly and Tia in with boys at the end of April and they are busily nesting at present.  Tilly is due kittens imminently: she’s at 65 days today and like last year, the father of the kittens is Donny.  We’re hoping for a female version of Horatio – a female, Tiffanie version of their father, in other words.

The father of Tia’s kittens is Zuko, our Australian-Mist outcross boy, so their kittens will be F2s and we’ll be hoping for a cinnamon-carrier with reasonable type to continue that line into the next generation.

Other News

Dàrna made Premier at the Teesside back in August, then followed that by making Grand Premier at the Nor’East of Scotland in May.  Meanwhile, Tia made up to Grand Champion at the Lancashire in March.  To our amazement, Lhasa’s daughter, Honey (who lives in Ireland) went Overall Best Foreign at the Cumberland show in October, and then Keeker and Julie did us proud at the Supreme, taking 2nd and 3rd place in the Special kitten classes, which had somewhere over 50 competitors.

Ali’s favourite person in the whole world has always been our friend, Carrie, who lived with us for a time back in 2006-8 and we’d promised years ago that when she finally got a house of her own, she could take Ali to live with her.  That happened last autumn, so he went to live with her in Falkirk, along with a rescue kitten from Rhodes.  Shortly after that, however, she was offered a post in Jersey, so with human and pet passports in order, the three moved to sunnier climes in March.

Since Bru seemed to have outgrown any issues caused by his single-lung status, we began looking out for a home for him last summer.  The right people came along in November: a local family with three boys, who had recently lost one of their two cats.  Since Bru was so close to his sister, Cheeky, we decided to let her go with him and the two have settled in extremely well down in Bo’ness.

The final, and surprise, re-home of the year was Small, who seemed to fall in love with a couple who came to see her kittens, and ended up asking for her instead.  However much we might love the cats, we try to leave decisions about their homing up to them, so we had her spayed at the same time as her kittens and, once she was recovered, drove her across to meet their other cats.  She now takes daily walks with them to look after their horses and seems at least as happy there as she was here.

Richard and I had agreed to be show managers for the West of Scotland show that was meant to be held in December of last year.  By the summer of last year, it was becoming obvious that we weren’t going to be able to get enough judges due to a clash with a big show down south, so the show was moved to the end of January, in a new venue up in Scotstoun.

However, we’d no sooner got that arranged than the Scottish Cat Club came to me saying that their show manager had resigned and asking if I’d manage their show in February.  I told them I couldn’t possibly manage the two largest shows in Scotland, only three weeks apart, in my first ‘outing’ as a show manager, so I suggested that they consider joining the West in a ‘back-to-back’ or double show, where the two clubs share the hall, judges, etc. so the management would only have to be done once.

After a few days consideration, they came back to say that they would like to do that, for this one year.  The Scotstoun venue had only just been big enough for the West by itself, so having the two clubs together required a renewed venue hunt, including going back to some of the venues who had previously turned us down and begging them to consider at least trying a cat show.  Luckily, the manager of the Ravenscraig sports centre in Motherwell took pity on me (after I agreed to personally mop the floor if it wasn’t left sufficiently clean) and agreed to host the show.  They didn’t have availability on our date so we had to move a week earlier to the 17th of January.

By that point it was November, leaving us with only two months to plan the first double show in Scotland; not necessarily the way that I had intended to undertake my first time as a show manager (all my previous shows I’d only been an assistant).  However, we managed; the judges rallied round to help us and we had some fabulous helpers on the day, and the show seemed to go down well.

It was successful enough that the Scottish decided to abandon their one-year-only policy and opted to do the same thing next year.  This time we’ll be back in December, but on a date where there isn’t another show, and I’ve got a full complement of judges booked already, thankfully.  We’re in the same venue again, since it proved very popular with exhibitors and judges alike, and we should be able to iron out the few niggles that didn’t quite work last time around.  Of course, we’ll no doubt do something else wrong instead…

Our friend Elisabeth Stark (Dushenka Russians) is now a full judge of Russians and a probationer of Asians (as well as Korats, of which she’s getting close to being ready to progress to full judge) and I was elected to the GCCF Board of Directors last month.

Our final, and arguably most important, piece of news is that Richard and I got engaged in November of last year and are planning our wedding for the 18th of April next year – the 15th anniversary of the day we started dating!  We’ve been living together 14 years this summer so it doesn’t change much beyond our official marital status, but at least it solves the question of what to refer to him as – he can now be my fiancé instead of my ‘partner’!