New Styling

It’s been such a long time since I last wrote a post that I thought it might be good to shake things up and create a whole new style for the blog.  To go along with the new background colour and template, I’ve added a new banner with some of our cats and kittens, showing some of the range of colours and patterns within the Asian breed.

Top left is Keeker (GR CH Cagaran Keekers), who, for those of you’ve who’ve followed the blog in the past, is a son of Lhasa and Eiteag’s from one of our 2014 litters.  He is a Burmese pattern chocolate silver shaded.

Below him are Rafa (Cagaran An-Sùlair) and Lainni (Cagaran Asgaidh-Àlainn), two of Katie’s kittens from our very first litter, back in 2010.  They are a black shaded and a black silver shaded.

Above Lainni, and to the right of Keeker, is Orlando (Kagura Orlando), who is currently on loan to us from Steve Crow and Tommy Goss.  He is a cinnamon ticked tabby.

Next to them is Dàrna (I GR CH & GR PR Dayjoy Orla), who is behind a lot of our younger cats: two of our recent litters were her great-great-great grandchildren.  She is a chocolate tortie silver shaded.

Below her chest is Fiona (CH Cagaran Beannachd-Fionn), Dàrna’s daughter from her first litter, in 2010, and now a great-great grandmother herself.  She is an apricot silver shaded.

To her right is her daughter, Ayla (CH Cagaran Eala-Bianach), Fi’s daughter from her first litter, in 2012.  Cascading down the generations, she is a great grandmother.  She is a Burmese pattern chocolate tortie silver shaded.

Above her is Quinn (GR PR Cagaran Dòrlach & GMC Quinn), Dàrna’s daughter from her second litter, in 2011.  She is a brown tortie smoke.

To their right, with front left paw held up, is Lura (Cagaran Lurach), a granddaughter of Eiteag’s through his daughter.  She is a cream shaded.

Above, and to her right, is Tabh (GR PR Cagaran Beinn-Eighe), a litter-brother of Fiona’s.  He is a caramel silver shaded.

Below him is Brodie (GR CH Cagaran Platach), one of Lhasa’s kittens from last year: the litter she was delivering when I wrote my last post.  He was the fifth to be born, so hadn’t actually arrived yet, at the time of my last post.  He is a black smoke.

To his right, at the bottom, is B-B (Cagaran Bramán-Beag), another of Fiona’s litter-brothers.  He is a Burmese pattern chocolate smoke.

Above him are Cheeky and Bru (Cagaran Bragoil and Cagaran Brucach), who are slight imposters here because they’re from one of our Ocicat litters rather an Asian, but they show two more colours in which Asians can be bred: cinnamon classic tabby and black spotted tabby.

To their right is Katie (CH Rushbrooke Airgead Cagaran), who was our first queen, mother of the pair at the bottom left and great-grandmother of the one to her right.  She is a black silver shaded.

Below her is an as yet un-named kitten from our ‘T’ litter out of Fiona and Keeker.  Like his mum, he is an apricot silver shaded.

Finally, at the far right is Niamh (Cagaran Niamh), who is a granddaughter of Dàrna’s, through her son, Donny (Quinn’s litter-brother) and a great-granddaughter of Katie’s through her daughter, Cailin and granddaughter, Tilly.  She is a Burmese pattern chocolate.

I’ll try and get back on in the next few weeks, to do an update and re-introduction to our current cats, but this will have to do you for now.

Love from Heather, Richard and the Cagaran Cats x


Best in Show and More Kittens

Well, it’s been a busy but interesting few days since my last post!

Bombay & Asian Show

The Bombay & Asian show was back-to-back (sharing a hall, judges, etc.) with both the Eastern Counties and Kensington shows at the Wood Green animal shelter in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.  Since we were going to have to go to the Midlands at some point, in order to drop off the last of Ayla’s kittens and collect Donny from his ‘visiting stud duties’, we decided to combine that with doing the show.


Keeker and Julie were each entered in both the Kensington and the Bombay & Asian, and both picked up a Grand in one show and Best of Breed in both shows.



We’d also taken Lura to try for her first CC, but knowing that there was a good chance she wouldn’t get it since she has a tail fault (the whole litter had one so it’s probably environmental or an incompatibility between lines so we kept the one with the least-bad fault and will just need to try a mating and see if she throws it or not).  As expected, she didn’t get the certificate but she did seem to really enjoy herself, which is the most important thing.


Our final entrant was Lady (we knew her as Secret Tortie), who was entered only in the Bombay & Asian, in the under-six-months kitten class.  She was an absolute poppet, relaxed and comfortable in her pen and loving the cuddles when she was brought out.


Her owners (Kirsty and James Oxley, who have one of Tia’s kittens from last year – we knew her as Jill but she is now Duchess) came to visit the show in the afternoon and, though they had to leave before the end due to Kirsty having a hen party that night, we re there to see Lady being put in the Best Kitten pen!


Before they left, I warned Kirsty and James that it was very unlikely that Lady would go any further because the adult and neuter are both so much more mature.  To our immense surprise, however, she was chosen as the Overall Best in Show.  That was our first Overall Best result (our fourth Best Kitten), so particularly exciting.



After the show, we went straight to the Oxleys, to deliver Lady.  As you might imagine, they were absolutely delighted to be presented with the Best in Show rosette and prizes.  We then enjoyed a cup of tea while we watched Lady start to settle in (and meet her big cousin).  It was also lovely to see Duchess again – she’s developed just as beautifully as we hoped.




Tilly’s kittens are now two weeks old and all are growing well.  The ‘tiny’ kitten is now only 8g behind his next-smallest sibling and just over 40g behind the biggest, so he’s doing really well, and that’s without any supplementation.


Tia wanted nothing to do with Tilly and her kittens until the day before yesterday, when she suddenly decided to climb into the box with Tilly and share cuddling and cleaning duties.  Initially I was worried that Tilly’s kittens would drink from her and take the colostrum (the antibody-rich first milk), but they showed no interest at all in drinking from her, sticking to cuddling with her and drinking from their mum.



We suspected that this new interest in Tilly’s kittens indicated that Tia was getting close to her own due date, and sure enough, she began delivery this morning.  As it stands, she has three, all boys.  I think we have three different patterns: a shaded, a ticked tabby and a spotted tabby.


Other News

I had my first board meeting with the GCCF this week.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but received a very warm and welcoming reception from the other directors and actually found the meeting quite enjoyable.  In addition, we’ve spent our evenings over the past couple of weeks building a new day-run for the cats.  The primary purpose is to give the girls a bit of fresh air but we’ve built it in two parts so that it can also double as somewhere for visiting girls to get to know whichever boy they’re visiting.


It’s the Edinburgh show this weekend and although we can’t show because of being out last weekend, I’m going to be stewarding so if you’re going then I’ll see you there.